๐Ÿค”What is RissottoFinance

This is where your Unique Crypto Journey begins....

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain doesn't have to be so cryptic. Here at Rissot.to we make it super easy for you to get your Crypto working for you.

So you may be thinking what is so different about a Protocol named after an Italian rice dish. We we can't express it in one single sentence because like the flavourful dish that is our namesake, the offerings are as complex and rich as flavourful


A liberalised, democratised and transparent crypto ecosystem where users take charge of their own finances through its uncollateralized lending protocol, while capitalising on signal-driven AI crypto leveraged auto trading for sustainability of gains and operational transparency.

RissottoFinance is a Ethereum-based AI machine trading, yield farming and uncollateralised lending & borrowing (UCL protocol) multi-chain ecosystem running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and etc.

The main goal of RissottoFinance is to provide a diverse and sustainable investment portfolio through DeFi, allowing any users to deploy enterprise AI automated leverage crypto machine trading safely, securely and profitably based on individualsโ€™ risk portfolio. Additionally, through its UCL protocol, institutions and users can participate as lenders, borrowers or liquidity providers.

As DeFi gained traction and popularity, its decentralised architecture allows for greater visibility and as a platform, strive towards helping participants achieve better leverages and gearing with meaningful and realistic mid to long term returns.

RissottoFinance aims to achieve its vision of a private and safe-to-use blockchain with its utility token - Rissotto (RSOT). Rissotto can be used for staking to earn rewards, while enabling our developers to continue their critical work to deliver the UCL protocol.

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