๐Ÿ˜ŽWhy RissottoFinance

RissottoFinance absolutely embraces the blockchain philosophy of having freedom from the centralised tyrannies that have had a death-grip on our way of living. Like most DeFi projects we aim to tip the balance of power back into the hands of the people. We have all the bells and whistles of any DEX and much more.

The first intention of RissottoFinance is to bring together a community of token owners, supporters and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world to create a conducive and transparent financial environment for the unbanked, under-protected individuals that the existing financial system have left behind. Yes, we are here for you!

Our decentralised and permission-less DeFi protocol ensures that no user is discriminated against whether it is owing to their geographic settings, racial profiles, financial backgrounds, and/or social standing. Everyone who participates is guaranteed the same level of opportunity and a level playing field.

If you are new to the game, welcome to the matrix. It's a learning curve that is made less steep here at RissottoFinance. If you are already in the game, we are as "next level" as it gets.

To ensure the protocol's transparency, we relentlessly pursue CertiK/Paladin audits in all of our product smart contracts.

And this is how we are different:

ยท Value-add and reward users through our internal enterprise AI signal-driven enabled machine trading public by launch with realistic and sustainable revenue as contrary to other conceptual yield farming projects in the market

ยท Continued development of UCL protocol to establish as the default standard and go-to for undiscriminated, liberalised and uncollaterised lending. These with the added advantages of privacy, decentralisation and full operational transparencies that the blockchain BSC provides.

Whether you are new to cryptoverse or seeking for alternative ways to optimise your crypto assets, ensuring a fully secured, transparent and level playing field do matter to us. Our community will assume a crucial role in helping participants and guide them towards greater financial independence and success.

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