Emission rate

Per block


Emission/block (RSOT)

Emission/day (RSOT)


Burned Weekly (PID 138)

Effective Emission

*Effective Emission is in fact slightly below this amount

In addition to the above, a dynamic amount of Rissotto is also minted to the Dev address at a rate of XX%. This means that if 100 Rissotto are harvested, then XX Rissotto is minted in addition and sent to the Dev Address.

All Rissotto minted to the Dev address is burned in the weekly burn and never enters circulation.

As such, we haven't included it in the above emission rate.


Distributed to

Reward/block (% of emission)

Reward/block (total RSOT)




of which diverted and burned



Total Daily RSOT Emission


Other Deflationary Mechanics

The burning process is currently manual. View burn transactions here.

As well as the above, Rissotto is also burned in the following ways:

  • 0.0X% of every trade made on RissottoFinance

  • XX% of Rissotto sent to the Dev address

  • XX% of Rissotto bid during Farm Auctions

  • XX Rissotto per day (The Rissotto for this is generated by a farm - PID 137)

  • X% of every yield harvest in the Auto Rissotto Pool

How to Confirm Rissotto Supply for yourself

To confirm that the circulating Rissotto supply shown on the RissottoFinance homepage is correct,

  1. Head to the Rissotto token contract on BscScan and see how much Rissotto is held by the Burn Address. That's the total amount of Rissotto that's been burned (removed from circulation FOREVER, and impossible to ever retrieve).

  2. Then, subtract this burned amount from the "Total Supply" that BscScan shows.

  3. This gives you the actual Rissotto supply.

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