Meet the Gang

The RissottoFinance Team
We avoid labels by choice.
Too often race, gender and even how you look, puts you in tinted containers and obscure observers from the clarity of good intentions.
You can find what you are looking for in our code. Read our story and understand our methods in our Gitbook Resources. For the technically inclined, you could stretch it out with our White paper.
So here we present ourselves in these unintentionally dope-looking avatars with their equally cool-sounding titles.
We’re here to help and we ain’t going anywhere
  • Chef Carluccio - Our Formidable Visionary
  • Chef Grasso - The Fat one
  • Chef And1 Libro - The Poet
  • Chef Pulcino Caldo - The Papa Rooster
  • Chef Di Tutto - The Scripter
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